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Program Schedule

12:00 am
Airing it all out for the midnight weirdos
6:00 am
A diverse collection of genres and styles designed to expand your horizons!
8:00 am
Pop; Indie; Rock; Alternative; Folk etc.
Syndicated - a show dedicated to the women who rock and the people who love them
10:00 am
Folk This, Folk That
1:00 pm
Indie Pop and Rock
Indie, pop, rock and more!
2:00 pm
Jazz at its best with Dave Coon!
4:00 pm
Classic Rock
Classic Canadian music with Jim!
6:00 pm
World Music
Syndicated music from Congo
8:00 pm
Traditional folk
Syndicated traditional folk music program
9:00 pm
Jazz; electronica; experimental etc.
Syndicated - program of instrumental soundscapes
10:00 pm
Punk, post-punk, thrash
Syndicated punk on a Saturday night.