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Program Schedule

12:00 am
Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Electronic
Into the core with Chris.
6:00 am
Sleepy Indie Pop
Soft Indie Pop with Jade!
7:00 am
Devan, Brian, and Rebecca lay out an auditory spread for your Wednesday morning
8:00 am
News & Sports
Daily News Brief
8:02 am
Indie pop and rock
Indie music for your morning commute with a different host every morning!
10:00 am
Syndicated - cutting edge Jazz!
11:00 am
May sets the Mood every Wednesday morning
12:00 pm
Syndicated - daily global independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González.
1:00 pm
Rock, Punk, Indie
Syndicated - 60s garage rock, 70s punk/new wave, surf, alternative, indie and new/old music
2:00 pm
Pop & Rock, Electronica
Syndicated weirdness
3:00 pm
Ty and Sinead highlight the underground and the unknown!
4:00 pm
Hip Hop
Syndicated - a continuous groove of subterranean goodness
5:00 pm
Local Kingston and Area News Headlines
5:30 pm
Topical Spoken Word
Biotechnology news, lectures and more!
6:00 pm
Pop; Indie Rock; Folk
Essential summer tunes
7:00 pm
Topical Spoken Word
Prison issues radio program and monthly Calls from Home Series
8:00 pm
Post-punk, Noise rock, Goth, Shoegaze
All things loud with Isabelle.
9:00 pm
Indie Rock; Noise Rock, Math Rock etc.
Post-hardcore, slowcore, noise rock, math rock, and indie rock
10:00 pm
Indie; Rock; post-punk; experimental
Dad Rock but cooler.
11:00 pm
Pop/Rock & Topical Spoken Word
Syndicated - 2SLGBTQ+ focused music, interviews and more!