Program Schedule

6:00 am
Sarah and Aidan bring you the best in friendly banter and sick beats.
7:00 am
Eurodance with Henri
8:00 am
News & Sports
Daily News Brief
8:02 am
Indie pop and rock
Indie music for your morning commute with a different host every morning!
10:00 am
Indie Pop; Rock; Jazz; Country; Folk etc.
Weekly Top 15 Canadian Indie albums across genres with DJ Squared
11:00 am
Topical Spoken Word
Syndicated - Palestinian Diaspora news & views
12:00 pm
Syndicated - daily global independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González.
1:00 pm
Deena's adventure through sound every Friday afternoon!
2:00 pm
Indie pop, rock, electronica etc.
Anything and everything with DJ LFN (Erin)
3:00 pm
Kira and Thanasia offer a musical interlude for your Friday
4:00 pm
Poetry; Spoken Word
Poetry & Poetic Concerns with Bruce Kauffman
6:00 pm
Folk; Rock; Pop etc.
East Coast Jams
8:00 pm
Indie; Alternative; Rock; Hip Hop etc.
Multi-genre music from indie/alt rock to neo-funk and more with Kyle Cadogan!
9:00 pm
Arabesque; Rap; Indie; Pop; Rock; Folk etc.
Turkish song and beyond!
10:00 pm
Fantasy Football chat with Josh & Mike
11:00 pm
Jazz; Hip Hop etc.
Syndicated - A diverse adventurous mix hosted by Luca Capone